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Friday, April 12, 2013

Dog Care Assistant Application

Dog Sitter and Assistant for Dog Services Needed

Hollywood Honden Services: Zuid Holland

Looking for a dog lover/dog sitter/handler/ (driver) to assist with HH dog services.  (part time/when needed)

Hollywood Honden services’ offers unique luxury dog services for every dog’s every need.
Focusing on customer satisfaction, quality care accommodations, flexibility, availability, & convenience.

Check out my services at http://hollywoodhonden.blogspot.com/

Offering flexible services and accommodations… appointments and reservations differ with each client.

Examples of what you could be asked to do.

Participate in destination-pack-outings as the 2nd dog handler (taking several dogs to the beach/lake/forest…)

Light maintenance grooming (Basic dog bath, brush)

Assist with challenging grooming appointments when needed.

Film my training sessions & workshops (at the owner request)

Fill in when I am unavailable (or over-booked)
 -dog walking when I cant make it
 -Transport dogs to & from their appointments

In high seasons…
 -take over day-care appointments (every high season weekday or only 1-2 days, etc)
-board 1-2 dogs for 2-10 days (or as needed)

With at least 1 day-care dog every weekday…  It is likely that I wont be able to be present for every hand-off (weekdays:9am and 7pm). In this instance, I would hand the dog off to you so you can hand-off to the owner at the scheduled time. 

The work is irregular & varies season to season…
The number of dogs at any given time is kept at the minimum (ensuring more attention & quality care)

The person I am looking to hire should be capable and available to cover for me so I can take more reservations while maintaining client satisfaction.

I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm for this position… However, I can only consider people who meet all the following requirements.

Position Requirements

You must...
-have some experience with dogs 
-be able to care for dogs in your home overnight 
-be mostly available during major high seasons/vacation periods
-be physically able to control strong dogs and/or several dogs at once
-Live in south Holland
-have a flexible/ minimal schedule
-have considered all others in your home
-be willing to work any day of the week

If you meet these requirements & think you can provide quality dog services, please fill in the form bellow to apply for this (part time) dog services assistant position 

Dog Services Assistant Position Application

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