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Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Members

New Hollywood Honden Pack Members

Welcome Tula and Ashley!
Tula during HH Boarding

Tula is a female Jack Russell Terrier
Ashley is a female Schnauzer Mix


See more on Tula & Ashley on the HH Dog Pages at

Friday, May 17, 2013

Boarding Status Updates

Dog Service Status Update

Receive regular updates on your dog's status

Stress Less…. We Get It!

Check your dog's status while your away...

See regular Status Updates to check on your dog while in day-care, being boarded, or during any Hollywood Honden Service.

Hollywood Honden Service Status Updates

Status updates are posted to 'The Dogs" weblog regularly.
You can see and subscribe to HH Status Updates to see photos, videos, summaries, and evaluations on how your dog is doing while you are apart.
Updates via email, post...
Updates can also be sent via email, SMS, post, phone, Facebook, Skype, messenger, etc.

Updates can also be sent via email, SMS, post, phone, Facebook, Skype, messenger, etc.

Your dog is never too far away…
While in HH care, you can always see how your dog is doing… any time, any day…
Dog Boarding Status Update

Everything on The Dogs on the Hollywood Honden Pack is posted at http://dutchdogcare.blogspot.nl/

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dog Care Advise

Hollywood Honden Service's Tips & Tricks 

Training Tip: Stop Barking, correct bad behavior & habits. 

   Diagnosing Diabetes in Dogs

  •   Maintenance Paws & Nails

    • The paws are very sensitive, especially between the paw pads. To help your dog be more comfortable with paw maintenance (trimming, nails, etc), stimulate the areas between the paw pads to help your dog get used to contact in these sensitive areas. 
    • Fur growing between the paw pads must be kept short. The fur not only collects dirt, but it also can eliminate traction and reduce the sense of touch. Fur growing over the paw pads is like wearing socks all the time which can cause the dog to slip on slick surfaces. 
    • Fur between the paw pads can get matted and collect gum and other matting material. This can become extremely uncomfortable for the dog. 
    • Dog's nails are filed automatically by walking on rough surfaces (sidewalk/ street). Long fur on the underside of the paw prevents the natural filing of the claws. Claws should be kept short for safety and comfort. 
    • Because black claws can only by trimmed by a professional or someone with experience, it is I recommend intentionally walking the dog on rough surfaces to promote the natural filing of the claws  that   can become extremely uncomfortable & even painful for a dog.must be kept short. 

Sven Joined the HH Pack

New Hollywood Hondje, Sven

Sven is a 7 month old, male, mixed breed. 
Hollywood Hondje, Sven
Honored to be the first to groom Sven...

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Dog Care Assistant Application

Dog Sitter and Assistant for Dog Services Needed

Hollywood Honden Services: Zuid Holland

Looking for a dog lover/dog sitter/handler/ (driver) to assist with HH dog services.  (part time/when needed)