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Hondenuitlaatservices, Leiden.

   Hollywood Hondenuitlaatservices

Dog walking, exercise, group & private outings, & more

Hondenuitlaatservices, Leiden

More than just a walking service..


Safety First!!!


-Walks are always on the leash
- Off-Leash Outings are only in safe places, appropriate for dogs

-Neighborhood Walks (inner city)

- Always aware of the surroundings, choosing the best route,
-Careful for cars, bike, & other dogs
- 2-4 dogs at a tome (preferably 3 dogs, maximum)

Multiple dogs (introductions & sharing walks)
-Perceptive to the individual ways of each dog
-Introducing and sharing walks/outings with consideration of each dog
- Consideration for varying abilities & demands for each dog 
(pairing walks accordingly)
-No playing (no rough play fighting between dogs)

Precautions & Awareness
- Always paying close attention to what the dogs are doing or thinking.
-Responding immediately to indications if fear, sickness, tiredness, playful, aggression, hot, cold, nervous, uncomfortable …
- Looking ahead to avoid other dogs & food on the ground

HH: Dog Walking Accommodations

 Ask about:
private walks
exercise walk or run 
No Notice Appointment 

  • -Towel-dry before retuning (if needed)

  • -If muddy, light brush/ cleaning
- Ask about maintenance addition & bonus-walking packages for better accommodations

    •  - Put on a rain/ winter vest-   Reflection vest/ leash/ collar is used at night & when raining
  • - Offering water on the way
  • Regular status reports & summaries for the owner
  • Photos & videos are regularly provided
  • Very flexible
  • Always the option to add HH Services
    • & Walking accommodations

-Ask about all the other HH:Services
- Discounts with service combinations

Special Offers

20% off 2nd dog

Service Combination Korting (discount)

Hondenuitlaatservice Kortingkaart  

ask for details

Hollywood Hondenuitlaatservice Kortingskaart 

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