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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Health Care Dog Services

Hollywood Honden Care 

Services for Dogs with Special Needs  

Healing Dog Service Options
Sometimes life throws us in to situations that turn us upside-down…
…you are always prepared for anything your dog needs, with Hollywood Honden Special Needs Services (HHSNS).

HH Special Needs Dog Services

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

New HH Puppies

maltese/ lhasa apso pup
Hollywood Hondje Pup

Welcome the Puppies to the HH Pack…

Hollywood Hondenpension: Special Needs Services

Puppy boarding with additional care

Hollywood Hondenpension, Leiden

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dog Accessories

Hollywood Honden Accessories

Dog Accessories

Your dog will love all the extra attention…
Dress your dog for the occasion
include your dog in the celebration with a little something extra
show your pride with team & club colors
Get in the holiday spirit with holiday themed accessories

Hollywood Honden Accessories
Accessory Sets, custom options, breed concideration…

Matching accessory sets:

ear bows, bow tie, detachable collar bows,  leash bow,leash, collar, harness,

for all dogs (male and female)

comfortable and light
Get your FREE HH Accessory with your grooming appointment

TIP: stop barking

Hollywood Honden Training & Conditioning

Tips & Tricks to stop barking & correct bad behavior 

When all the basic training techniques failed to stop the barking… I was surprised this worked…

In all my experience with training dogs…
... I find this devise to be the best.

Not only is it effective again and again…
It is also easily available and very affordable.
Practically, it is extremely easy to use and it's small size means you can easily bring it with you in your pocket.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dog Status Update

Dog Service Status Update

Receive regular updates on your dog's status

Stress Less…. We Get It!

Check your dog's status while your away...

See regular Status Updates to check on your dog while in day-care, being boarded, or during any Hollywood Honden Service.

Hollywood Honden Service Status Updates

Status updates are posted to 'The Dogs" weblog regularly.
You can see and subscribe to HH Status Updates to see photos, videos, summaries, and evaluations on how your dog is doing while you are apart.
Updates via email, post...
Updates can also be sent via email, SMS, post, phone, Facebook, Skype, messenger, etc.

Updates can also be sent via email, SMS, post, phone, Facebook, Skype, messenger, etc.

Your dog is never too far away…
While in HH care, you can always see how your dog is doing… any time, any day…
Dog Boarding Status Update

Everything on The Dogs on the Hollywood Honden Pack is posted at http://dutchdogcare.blogspot.nl/

Monday, March 18, 2013

Dog Service Details Request Form

Dog Service Information Packets

Service Rates, Options, and more

Request information packets on any Hollywood Honden Service.

Packets contain details on dogs services, rates, options, accommodations, specials, and more.

Submit the form bellow to receive more details on the desired services.

Feedback Actie

Dog Service Special Offer

We want to hear from you…
Fill in our feedback & followup form and receive €5 of Hollywood Honden Service Credit.

HH Service Credit is good for all HH Services. 
Offer is open to everyone 
(HH Members & Perspective Members)

You can also Find the feedback form at the bottom of the webpage

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hondenpension: Board Booking

Dierenpension, Oegstgeest, Wassenar, Leiden, Voorschooten… 

Huisdierenpension High Season Reservation Availability Status

dierenpension summer vacation
Hondenpension High Season Periods

The next high season (vacation period) begins: March 27th, 2013. 
We are taking reservations now…. Space is still available but limited.
Summer is filling up fast…
Save the dates or book your reservation today!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Pieare's Status

Dog Day


Pieare, male, Boomer.

Boomer, Pieare
Pieare's Dog Day follow-up. Through the obstacles of a deaf and wounded dog...
Pieare's 'HH Dog-Day' got off to a shaky start, but quickly turned around.
Because he is deaf, I had to use creative techniques to capture his attention and win him over.
During the fitness /walking portion of the 'HH Dog Day', Pieare relaxed and enjoyed the outing and stimulation.
This made the (second part of the HH Dog-Day) Grooming easier.

Pieare was excellent during grooming. I managed to completely avoid making contact with the painful growth on his head.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring-Trim Special Offer

Hollywood Hondentrimmer and Dog Services : Hollywood Hondentrimsalon, Leiden

Spring Special: Groom Service Savings 

Turn the winter coat into a fresh & clean Spring-Style.

Get your FREE gift & Save up to €10 with an HH: Grooming Service.

Full & Maintenance grooming packages, partial groom services (bath, flea, nails, etc.)

Spring-Grooming Savings offer ends: March 20, 2013

Spring Special Korting & Free Gift
Hollywood Hondentrimmer