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Calendar & Appointments

Hollywood Honden Calendar

Special Offers, Availability, High Season Periods, Events, and more

Hondenservice Planner

Plan dog service reservations & appointments with the help of this calendar.
See high & lows seasons, Special offers, events, Actie, Closed for services dates, availability & more…

-See the calendar icons bellow
See  availability on upcoming events. 
 The calendar indicates availability and vacancies so you can add your dog to the event by using the service scheduler bellow. 

Click on the desired date or event to see details.

American Holidays
Dutch Holidays

Pack member Birthday

Dog Service Scheduler 

Quick Booking:

Fill in the feilds in the Service Scheduler. In the 'HH Service' box: specify the desired Hollywood Honden Service(s) you wish to schedule/ select. 
Submit the dates (or period) that you would like to book...
Click 'submit'… you will receive a verification email- requesting confirmation for your appointment/ reservation. 
You will also receive information on the corresponding service(s) as well as the answers to any questions you have submitted. 

Hollywood Hondenservice High Seasons of 2013

HondenHotel High Seasons of 2013

Available: 7 days a week… 24 hours a day 

    • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
    • Urgent/ Emergency reservations with little-no notice
    • Boarding (Dierenpension) reservations 
      • Flexible options and accommodations 
      • High Season Barding reservations should be made in advance as space is limited 

Dierenpension High Season Periods (2013)

    • Little- No notice accommodations. Call to have your dog walked at least 30minutes before walking time.
      • Leave us your key just in case

    • Available 24 hours/ 7 days a week.
    • Available for all HH Services. 

Hondenuitlaatservices, Leiden

HH:Reservation & Appointments

Emergency Dog Services Accommodations 
Make your appointment or reservations via: phone, email, SMS, or messenger (Facebook, etc). 
   -Make sure to send your emails address and phone number.

Leave your house-key with or without notice for transport options… great in unexpected situations 

          (Emergency options: simply drop off your key & send and email).

registar your dogs b-day for a free gift

Dog Birthday Gift Bag

Receive a free birthday gift each year.

Doggy Birthdays are labeled in the Hollywood Honden Calendar.
The birthday dog will be presented on the HH Dog Page (the Hollywood Honden Page) and featured as our weekly feature. He/she will also be recognized on other HH weblogs/media.

Pack member and parents will be congratulated with a free gift bag from the Hollywood Honden Pack.

Gift bags must be retrieved within 30 days of the birthdate.

Offer is open to all dogs

Dont know your dogs exact birthday?
Registar any special day… (your birthday, the day your dog joined the family, anniversary, etc)

Already a member?

Send us your dog's birthdate (or special date).

New/ Potential Pack member:

Join the pack today!

Open to all dogs…  with or without use of HH Services

Dogs who will use HH Services and Dog who will not use HH Services… All dogs are welcome to join the pack and receive their free birthday gift bag.

Birth dates must be registared at least 7 days before the date to receive gift.

hh calendar birthday icon

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