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Dierenpension, Boarding Services

Hollywood Hondenpension & Huisdierenpension

South Holland Dierenpension

As a dog owner, I know how stressful it can be to leave your dog behind. I know I can’t completely relieve your worries, but I can assure you that your dog will be well taken care of & safe. I will do the best I can to make you and your dog as comfortable as possible. X
Dog's Best Friend
'The same person for your dog's every need'
Hollywood Hondenservices
Click here for info on Hollywood Huisdierenpension
A familiar friend…
  …to handle everything for your dog…  

As with all my services, my priority is the comfort and well being of the dog. My boarding service is directed towards dogs that live primarily indoors and are very attached to their owner(s). HH: Boarding is not like most boarding services. I do not have a large pack of dogs coming and going. I have a relationship with all my clients and their pets. While catering to your preferences as well as your dog’s specific needs… I provide a ‘home’ environment with lots of love and individual attention 24 hours a day. 
I welcome almost all dogs, however; my target clients are dogs who think they are “part dog/part human” (‘if you know what I mean’). HH: Boarding specifically addresses the needs of the type of owner that feels like their dog is more of a family member than a pet.
Because my boarding service is in my home, your dog gets individual attention nearly 24 hours a day.
I am extremely flexible and will work with you to meet your specific needs. While I have your dog, you can contact me 24 hours a day (by phone or email). You can think of ‘HH: Boarding’ as,

“Leaving your dog with a trusted friend”

Catering to the concerns of protective pet parents… Becoming familiar with you and your dog helps show me how your dog is treated.  Every dog has a different life-style, wants, and needs. I always try to accommodate the preferences of each dog and owner (no matter how crazy it may seem)… Always-

Dierenpension: South Holland
 “Pleasing the preferences of protective pet parents”
I am also available any time (24 hours) in the case of a last minute reservation… an emergency/ unexpected situation… (For example: if you suddenly have to go to the hospital, or travel, move, etc.)
- Ask about “Doggy-Day-Care

“I can promise you… your dog will be safe, cared for, & comfortable while in my care.”

HH:Dog Boarding Accommodations

Hondenhotel: Status Updates

See how your dog is doing with regular status updates… Phone, messenger, web-cam… Get emails, SMS, voicemails, MMS, etc… with photos, summaries, etc. describing the status of your dog. 
Find more status updates and pics of your dog hereHH Status Updates & Pics

Pension: Living & Environment

Your dog will be staying in my apartment with my fiancé and I, along with a small female poodle (sometimes).  With a few exceptions, your dog(s) will be the only dog(s) being boarded during your time away.  Working from home allows me to care for and accompany your dog the majority of the time.
The apartment is located in a new building on the 3rd floor. There are no stairs… a lift takes you up to the 3rd floor and the apartment is one level.  The building is on a quiet street with the front door opening directly to stretches of grass (perfect for small walks). The building is very dog/pet friendly. We own the apartment, so there will be no landlord/tenant issues.
Except for the bedroom, your dog is free to roam the entire apartment (unless otherwise specified).  There are no cages or kennels… however; if needed, there is a cozy room where he/she can be comfortable on his/her own (if needed).  
I recommend that you bring your dog’s bed for a familiar place to sleep. Otherwise a comfortable bed will be provided.
As a precaution, your dog will never be left alone with another dog. When the dogs have to be home alone, they will be comfortable & safe in their own rooms.
For the most part I will only have your dog(s). I try to keep it at 2 dogs. Therefore, space is extremely limited. I only have more than one dog when reservations overlap, &/or I have a grooming, or day-care appointment.
Please keep this in mind when planning your reservation
    …Treated like my own dog…
Hondenhotel, Oegstgeest, Leiden, Wassenar...

Dierenpension, Leiden, Leiden, Wassenar, Oegstgeest, Den Haag, Voorschoten, ….

Huisdierenpension, Leiden 
Having a variety of pets throughout my life, I have the experience to care for numerous types of animals. Providing grooming services, the focus of my services are dogs; however, I am knowledgeable and experienced with cats, hamsters, rabbits, reptiles, fish (including salt water), & some birds.

Cat Boarding, Leiden

Your cat will be safe and secure inside my home. Your can access the entire house. Ensuring comfort, I avoid using cages or restraints. Your cat will never be left alone with any other pet, at any time. When other pets (dogs) are present, your cat will have his/her own room with a bed, food+water, toys, scratching post, & a litter box (tucked out of the way). There is also a ledge in front of the window where you cat can sit and enjoy the view. 

Hollywood Honden Services
Hollywood Huisdierenpension, Leiden
Working from home, and using my office as your cat’s territory; we will have plenty of one-on-one time. Regardless of the fact that cats are quite independent, your cat will receive plenty of stimulation, attention and affection.

Your cat will never be allowed outside, or taken put of the flat. The layout of the apartment and building make it nearly impossible for your cat to slip out the front door and out of the building.


Going to your home to check-in on your pet...

With your house-keys, I can come to your home to tend to your pet’s needs (feed, play, give medication, check on status, etc.)

Leave me a key to use this service with little-no notice... when an unexpected situation keeps you from getting home, call HH (available 24-hours a day). 

Doggy-Day-Care, Pet-Taxi, Hondenassistance

Pet & House-Sitting

Huis en Huisdieren

There is no need to take your pet out of him/her territory. With ‘Hollywood House-sitting Services’, I will stay at your house while you are away. Providing care & supervision for all your pets, plants, & home; your pets will be safe & comfortable in their own environment.
Continuing to work from my home, I will usually be gone for the majority of the day (unless otherwise needed). 
Please ask for more information & rates.

Your never stuck when you leave HH your house-keys… 
Emergency/ Urgent Hondenservices with your house-key
  Follow this link to the HHBlog where you can get an email subscription of your dog’s status updates & more.

Dog Sizes

Dierenpension High Season Periods 

Be sure to reserve in advance...
Dierenpension HIgh Season

Hollywood Honden Care 
Services for Dogs with Special Needs  
Healing Dog Service Options

Sometimes life throws us in to situations that turn us upside-down…
…you are always prepared for anything your dog needs, with Hollywood Honden Special Needs Services (HHSNS).

HH Special Needs Dog Services

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  Urgent Dog Care Accommodations are available with little to no notice

When our precious pups are hurting we would do anything to make them well again.

There is no need to pile on the stresses of taking off work to cater to the high demands of these unexpected situations… 

…bringing (or picking up) your dog to the vet appointment
…giving medications/ feeding every 6 hours
…Regularly cleaning wounds and changing bandages as needed
…supervising/ monitoring the status throughout the day and night
…managing the dogs activity… preventing further injury

Hollywood Honden Care always has your back… 
...any time, any day…. 
...helping & assisting pet parents by providing the proper care needed for your dog.

HH Extra Care Services can always step in to provide the care to make sure your dog gets the care it needs

Special Needs Boarding & Day-Care Service

Intensive Dog Care Accommodations with boarding, day-care, overnight, 

    Extra Care-In-home-Dog Care Options

      -pet-sitting in your home (day-care, overnight, extended stay)

      -Dog-Check-In Option: check in on your dog at your home. Once a day or as needed. 

            Coming to your home to briefly tend to your dog. (feed, give medication, etc.)

Caring for dogs with special needs. 

Boarding dogs with: diabetes, arthritis, handicapped, deaf, blind, premature pups, nursing puppies, pregnancy, etc…

Catering to the special needs of each dog and meeting the demands of the sittuation

Caring for illness & poor health (sickly, disease, virus, infection, etc.)
-Providing medication as required
  -by injection
  -pill, liquid, powder, etc. taken orally
  -application of ointment and creams
-Monitoring Status & Progress
  -taking vital measurements (temperature, heart rate, etc)
     -recording vitals
  -checking urine & feces
  -monitoring and/or regulating food and water consumption

non-illness Demands and care (injury)
-Tending to injury
   -cleaning wounds & changing bandages
-Promote Healing and Rehabilitation
  -manage activity to prevent further injury (restrain from too much activity)
  -massage & relaxation
  -basic physical therapy (and water therapy)

Sustaining Health & Wellness (operative, pregnant, newborn, elderly, etc)
-Feeding & Nutrients
  -bottle feeding pups
  -exceptional preparation of food
  -scheduled feeding
   -giving vitamins
  -fitness within limitations
-Pushing stimulation

Special Needs Grooming, Walking, Boarding, Day-Care, Massage, & Training. 

  -adjusting techniques to accommodate the specific special needs of each dog
  -private service options

HH Pet-2-Vet Service

Dog Service Status Update

Hollywood Honden Service Status Updates

See regular Status Updates to check on your dog while in day-care, being boarded, or during any Hollywood Honden Service.

Status updates are posted to 'The Dogs" weblog regularly.
You can see and subscribe to HH Status Updates to see photos, videos, summaries, and evaluations on how your dog is doing while you are apart.
Updates via email, post...
Updates can also be sent via email, SMS, post, phone, Facebook, Skype, messenger, etc.

Your dog is never too far away…
While in HH care, you can always see how your dog is doing… any time, any day…
Dog Boarding Status Update

Everything on The Dogs on the Hollywood Honden Pack is posted at http://dutchdogcare.blogspot.nl/


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