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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rescue, Transport, Foster, Placement

Hollywood Honden Rescue Services and Assistance 

helped rescue Brighton from death and give him a second chance at life.

Brighton was found nearly dead on the streets of Romania. 
After being severely injured, Brighton was all alone when he woke up from his coma… 
After several days of wandering the streets, he was picked up and brought to the local shelter. 

Deaf, Emaciated, & brain damaged, the shelter in Romania found him to be hopeless….

Sent to the Netherlands for another chance… 
Brighton was fostered back to health, and finally adopted to a new family. 

Contact Hollywood Hondenrtrimmer & services for more information: HollywoodHondentrimmer@gmail.com

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pet Travel Escort

Hollywood Honden Transport Services

Air Travel Pet Escort & Companion

Escorting your pet safely on an airplane.
Pet Travel Companion.
Hollywood Honden Transport Services
Making travel arrangements and accompany pets to their international destinations.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Poodle goes to work

Bear loves to go with us everywhere…

Sneaky Poodle
...especially when she can relax in a bag…

She tries to sneak into the overnight bag... 

-its all fun & games until she ends up in the car on the way to work the night shift. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

welcome KOUJA

New Hollywood Hond: Kouja

Welcome to the HH-Pack!!!

Kouja is a 6 year old, Female, Pomeranian-cross.
Hollywood Hond: Kouja
Many thanks to her new, loving parents who rescued Kouja from the shelter.

She has immediately taken to her new parents and life-style… although as most new parents, they should be careful not to spoil her too much…

Kouja is very sweet, good with other dogs, in great health, loves the water, enjoys treats, long walks, and relaxing on the couch. 

She hates being left alone and has a little anxiety. Her anxiety is expressed through heavy breathing that quickly evolves into loud barking.
It was immediately evident that Kouja responds well to Hollywood Honden Training sessions. We will be working on the anxiety, barking, basic commands & boundaries. 

Overall: Kouja is a real pleasure

Find photos, videos, & status updates on Kouja pertaining to HH: dog training, day-care, grooming, transport, and more HH Services, here (HH News)

You can also find direct links to Kouja (or other HH Services) by typing "Kouja" in the search bar (located in the right panel of this page). 
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Luxury Pet Services

Hollywood Honden Care and Services

Unique, luxury pet services at a friendly price.

Pleasing preferences of protective pet parents.

Hollywood Hondenhotel & Dog Services

Focussing on Comfort, Quality, Care, & Customer Satisfaction

Monday, January 21, 2013

Expat Pet

Quick poll about your house-pet.

What kink of pet do you have?

Follow this link http://community.expatica.com/polls/view/21/d…

Photo Contest

Hollywood Honden Foto Contest 

last chance to enter. Submit your favorite dog photo before 1 February. 
Open to all dogs, everywhere… 
winning photo will be published & the winner will receive a prize. 
Dog Photo Contest Voting

Hollywood honden Photo Contest.

Vote for your favorite dog photo(s), or collection of photos.
Enter up to 4 votes by submitting 2 votes at each HH web address.
(1 comment vote + 1 Poll Vote on each page.)

Posts for voting are not up yet (posted at the end of january). 

Enter your best dog pic before February. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dog Day: Maite

Hollywood Honden Day

A day with all your dog services

Maite's Dog Day 

Walk and fitness, bath, day-care, and pet-taxi… all in 1 day.

Hollywood Honden Day
After Maite was picked up in the morning, she enjoyed a fun day of interacting with other dogs, playing, and exercising… Maite's 'Dog Day' ended with a bath (cleaning off all the 'fun'), and a jog home draining her energy for the night.

Dog Days and Hondenuitlaatservices, Leiden

Friday, January 18, 2013

Poodle Play

Dog Days: Poodle Plays… in the snow. 

Doggy Day Care: Wassesnar, Leiden

Little Bear loves to chase snow balls…

So so cute! 

Hollywood Honden Day Care is so much fun.  

Hollywood Honden Snow Days

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hondenhotel: Status Update

Hollywood Hondenhotel, Oegstgeest, Leiden, Leiderdop, Voorschooten, Wassenar, Den Haag+++

Pleasing Pampered Pups and Protective Pet Parents...
Hondenhotel, Leiden. Pleasing Pampered Pups...

Dierenpension Status Update: Beara

   Beara is always a pleasure… 
Regarding her dry, irritated, itchy, skin… with regular skin conditioning treatments I managed to resolve the irritation and prevent it from spreading. 

OVERALL: excellent.

 I always try to gather her things without her noticing to prevent her from rushing me… but she is too smart. In the photo is Beara after she noticed her things (house, toys, etc) being packed away. Having picked up on the routine, she knows she is about to go home… Her escalating tantrum rushes me out the door… 'Princess Beara' does not like to wait :)  

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Honden Selectie Service

Hollywood Honden Selectie Services 

Getting a new dog is not like getting a new TV, or even a cat.
A new dog is taking on a commitment that can last 18 years… Therefore, it should be the perfect pet for you and your lifestyle in the present and foreseeable future. 
Too many people make the decision of a new dog irresponsibly; hence, the overpopulated shelters and hundreds of thousands of dogs suffering from neglect.
With so many dog breeds to choose from, there is the perfect pooch for everyone. Whether rescuing from a shelter, adopting a puppy, purchasing from a breeder or elsewhere, Hollywood Honden Selectie Services will find & present the best dog for you.

What is the perfect Pooch?The perfect pooch differs from person, place, time, environment, situation, etc… The dog you had as a kid may have been great at the time… That does not mean that it is the perfect dog for you today.,
Hondenselectie Services

Defining what works with your life-style
Everyone in the household where the dog will live must be considered.
Alone, married, kids, roommates, etc.
Other pets, future kids, etc…
Environment: City, Suburbs, House, Apartment, backyard, stairs, neighbors, etc.
Availability: Home often, working every day, etc.
Ability & Fitness preference: health condition, runner, jogger, walker, trouble walking, etc.
Owners Status: allergies, elderly, weaker, trouble walking, Affordability, etc.
Activities: travel, swim, beach, parties at the house, crowded house.
Alternate options: dog sitting by friends, or facility.

What are your dog preferences?
Watchdog, Running companion, easily trainable, low maintenance, odorless, doesn’t shed, large, small, gentle, OK with short/ fewer walks, strong, easier to control, less expensive, indoor, outdoor, can walk stairs, great with kids, good to travel, small enough for airline travel in the cabin, low costs, good health, etc.

Fortunately there  enough breeds, allowing  owners to select all the criteria that make up the best dog for them. 
Perfect Pooch Picker

Click here fore More HH: ‘New Dog’ Assistance Services:

Locating & obtaining the perfect dog that meets your preferences.

Researching the dog your are considering getting. 

To help gather information prior to bringing him/her home. (medical & genetic history, behavior history, etc.)

New Dog Work-shop 

to teach you & your family how to care for your specific dog. (Breed maintenance, medical precautions, nutrition, fitness, basics of training & communicating, etc.)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Photo Contest Entry

Dog Photo Contest 

Entry date has changed

Submit Dog Pics. Before February 1, 2013

Voting begins in February

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Hollywood Hondentaxi

Pet-Taxi & Transport Services

Hollywood Hondentaxi & Pet Transport Services

South Holland Honddentaxi


Pet Service Transport

     Pick-up & bring home options with all HH:Services

Pet-Air-Travel accommodations

     Passport, vetriary, transport, housing , etc.


Little-No Notice accommodations for urgent situations

Friday, January 4, 2013

Urgent Doggy-Day-Care: status update

Hollywood Hondenpension: Urgency Accommodations


Emergency Huisdierenpension, Leiden

Regardless of the chaos from the last minute booking, Guiness quickly settled in and made herself at home. I supplied her with her own bed, toys, treats, etc.
She appears to be happy and comfortable.
Behavior, energy, appetite, temperament, & health are positive.
OVERALL: Excellent

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hollywood Hondentrimsalon, Leiden

Spring-time Hondentrimmer

Mobile Hondentrimmer services & Hondentrimmer Transport Options serving: 

Leiden, Leiderdorp, Wassenar, Oegstgeest, Voorschoten, Warmond, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Rotterdam+

 (South Holland).

HH: Spring Trim

It's time to trim off the winter coat!

Send an email saying "grooming" or "hondentrimmer" services to receive the Hollywood Hondentrimmer Information packet for service rates and details.

Check back or subscribe to HH:News (by clicking 'subscribe' under the comment box bellow) for "Special Spring Savings" (Kortings).

Link to detials on the Hollywood Hondentrimsalon, Leiden

Hollywood Honden-Day-Care Services

Hollywood Honden-Day-Care Services

HH Doggy-Day-Care, Leiden

Hollywood Hondentrimmer & Services (playlist)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holiday HondenPension Status Update: Rex, Chloe, Mosely

Hollywood Huisdierenpension: Status Update

New Years Eve with Mosely, Chloe, & Rex 

Everyone did very well with the fireworks….
They did not appear to be scared at all… Midnight was a little tense; however, much better than I had anticipated. 

Huisdierenpension, Leiden

 As you can see in the photo: Mosley was a bit tense, but comfortable to stay outside her house. She was calm and quiet on the chair.

Find more status updates and photos of your dogs here...

HH: Dog Training Services, Leiden

Rex was the most excited… he only barked at midnight (from being excited, rather than scared).

Chloe barked a tiny bit… (mostly because Rex was excited…). She was comfortable in my arms when the clock struck 12…

OVERALL: New Year's Eve was excellent!

Dog Training & Conditioning Services 

 Dog Boarding with Dog Training 

 Status Update: Rex

During the boarding period, I have been able to see the obedience issues with Rex. As expected, he only listens when he wants to. He definitely understands what is being asked of his… he simply disobeys the commands.
Being the largest of the three… when it comes to getting attention, affection, or preparing to go for a walk- he pushes the smaller dogs out of the way. Not giving in to this behavior, Rex is always the last to be walked or get affection.
So far, he now knows that in order to go for a walk, he must first sit and wait for the leash, etc. 
With patience, he eventually does what is expected. Nevertheless, we have a lot more to do.

With the holidays behind us, I am going to work with him more intensely (without other dogs around).
Knowing the issues & having a plan, I am confident that I can improve the obedience issues. 
click here to see more updatesHH: Status Update Album