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I have been grooming dogs for the last 7 years,I try to make the grooming experience as comfortable as possible for the dog and owner. The dogs are groomed in my home (an apartment near the Vijf Meilaan). Your dog will never be waiting for his turn in a cage. I use minimum restraints and keep the dog as calm as possible. I do not rush through it. If the dog needs a break we take a little walk and begin again. For extreme cases, grooming can be done in two parts on different days. This results in no cuts or scratches and a happy hond.I use the best grooming products for the dogs. Different dogs have different types of fur and skin. I use the products most appropriate for your specific dog.

Hollywood Hondentrimmer & Dog Services

Your dog will never be waiting for his turn in a cage. I use minimum restraints and keep the dog as calm as possible. I do not rush through it. If the dog needs a break we take a little walk and begin again. For extreme cases, grooming can be done in two parts on different days. This results in no cuts or scratches and a happy hond.

I only use the best products   
-for your specific dog.
Different dogs have different types of fur and skin. I always use the products most appropriate for your specific dog and/or specific condition.

HH: Full Grooming Package

Full Grooming Package Includes

Recommended for dogs that require…trimming, shaving, thinning, and/or plucking.

Double wash, condition, massage, de-tangle, brush, blow-dry, nails, ears, cut, trim, style, anal glands, l lose hair removal, & thinning (if needed).

Also Available: 
Flea & Tick treatments (long term & short term), Alternative styling, Accessories, Maintenance Packages, Partial Packages, & more.

Time: Approximately 3-4 hours
Special Offer:  First-time Discount

 I can walk your dog before the bath and when needed.

 *  In-House grooming (I can groom your dog in your home)

South Holland HH Pet-Taxi Services 

I can also transport your dog  (pick-up and return)- 

Grooming Rates

Hollywood Hondentrimsalon, Leiden
Eerst keer korting, Uphalen/Thuisbrengen, FREE gift, & more

Hollywood Hondentrimmer fotos

Dogs before & after HH:Grooming

Check out some of the dog's I've groomed

 before and after pictures, summaries, and more here: before & after HH Grooming

Styling with Color

Cat Grooming

With styling left up to the groomer, Coral was trimmed short (over the whole body), only leaving long fur from the end to 1/3 up the tail.

"Groomers should never go overbord with styling changes. Pet parents might be looking for something different, but they still want to recognize their pet. The length on the tail end is not too dramatic but still results in something different, cute and fun. It is also easily trimmed away just in case they prefer to go back to the familiar short cut. The change in appearance was profound enough to satisfy, but not overwhelming.
It's the exact same cat-hairstyle; only now she is wearing an accessory on her tail." 

West Highland white Terrier, Oscar.

Loosely sticking to traditional Westie styling… Oscar's body is the shortest down the center of the back. His sides are layered longer creating the appearance of the Westie skirt. The skirt hangs about 2 inches off the body (under the ribcage). Instead of keeping the long fur under the entire ribcage, the underside of the dog is trimmed short for better upkeep. Only the outermost underside is kept long, like a tablecloth. 
The chest trimmed blending into the shoulders. 
The head and face have a squared off teddybear style (difficult to see in this photo because the dog's face is damp).

Find more on Osacr and all the dogs at: http://dutchdogcare.blogspot.nl/

Trimming a Yorkshire Terrier 

Maintenance Grooming Appointment for a Yorkie, Molly.

Yorkshire Terrier Grooming example.
Hollywood Hondentrimmer, Leiden
Because the owner is growing out Molly's coat; the focus of the appointment was to trim the coat to stimulate growth and create a healthier more vibrant look.

To stimulate growth, all the fur was slightly trimmed.
For a more vibrant youthful appearance, the face was trimmed into the teddybear style.
This style is very popular with Yorkshire Terriers. 
The aim of the teddybear face is fluffy fur styled into a round or heart-shaped frame surrounding the face. The thicker and fuller the coat, the better the teddybear style. 

Molly Yorkie grooming
Taking more length off the head, would result in a fuller 'teddybear' style; however, Molly looks much cuter in her accessories- which are less applicable with shorter fur.  

Compared to short coats, longer coats can quickly appear flat and dull.
 The longest sections of the coats are not only the oldest; the have also been through the most wear and tear (brushing, washing, etc.) They are also the most exposed and get the least nutrients from the body (sin oils, etc). 

To bring back the shine we used a shampoo and conditioner that help rejuvenate the natural oils in the skin and coat.
We also did an oil treatment the seal the natural skin and coat oils into the fur.

Grooming King Charles Cavalier: Mrv. Jensen (female)

Trimmed for spring, Mrv. Jensen was trimmed short while staying true to the Cavalier style.
Longer under the body & fringed behind the front legs.
Focussing on the paw pads and ears.

Puppy Grooming

Brushing & Matting 

Puppies have a much softer lighter coat. As they get older, the adult coat grows in and the lose their puppy fur. Because of this transformation, it is extremely important to keep up with brushing. 
This is even more important with hypoallergenic breeds (like Sven and poodles) because they don't shed their coat. Puppies that don't lose their fur get matted and tangled  very easily. Because their fur can grow infinitely, matts can form directly on the skin causing tension, dryness and irritation of the skin. 
The irritation causes the dog to scratch and roll around collecting dirt in the matts. Bacteria close to irritated skin leads to greater discomfort which makes it very difficult to brush the dog.

Thin, fluffy puppy fur tangles even easier, especially when the adult coat starts to grow in.
 untrained, curious, & playful, brushing a puppy can be quite a challenge. Teething makes them want to bite everything… Nevertheless, it is extremely important to keep up with brushing. 
Not only does puppy fur tangle easier than adult fur… puppy skin is also thiner, looser, and more susceptible to irritation & discomfort. 
De tangling a puppy's cut is a lot more difficult. Not only is the puppy curious, biting, untrained and playful, it is also not used to basic brushing and let alone, detangling & grooming.
With matting close to the loose, dry, irritated skin; cutting out the tangles is also very difficult (regardless of the obstacles associated with puppy behavior).

Loose puppy skin can easily get nicked by grooming clippers and cut by scissors. This contributes to all the challenges of detangling & grooming a matted puppy.  Irritated puppy skin can also get ripped by trying to brush out matts close to the skin. 

It is really important that puppies have a positive grooming experience. Especially breeds that require regular grooming. A puppy that is brushed by the owner is groomed much faster. It is also a lot more comfortable and easier allowing the groomer to focus on positively interacting with the pup. 
Grooming a matted puppy has to be done very carefully and takes a long time. The groomer has to focus more on cutting out the matts with as little pain as possible. Instead on interacting positively with the pup, the groomer has to focus on restraining and safety. Not only does the puppy have to withstand being groomed by a stranger, it is also unfamiliar with the brushing and other grooming tools.

  Maintenance Paws & Nails

  • The paws are very sensitive, especially between the paw pads. To help your dog be more comfortable with paw maintenance (trimming, nails, etc), stimulate the areas between the paw pads to help your dog get used to contact in these sensitive areas. 
  • Fur growing between the paw pads must be kept short. The fur not only collects dirt, but it also can eliminate traction and reduce the sense of touch. Fur growing over the paw pads is like wearing socks all the time which can cause the dog to slip on slick surfaces. 
  • Fur between the paw pads can get matted and collect gum and other matting material. This can become extremely uncomfortable for the dog. 
  • Dog's nails are filed automatically by walking on rough surfaces (sidewalk/ street). Long fur on the underside of the paw prevents the natural filing of the claws. Claws should be kept short for safety and comfort. 
  • Becasue black claws can only by trimmed by a professional or someone with experience, it is I recommend intentionally walking the dog on rough surfaces to promote the natural filing of the claws  that   can become extremely uncomfortable & even painful for a dog.must be kept short.

Puppy Grooming Tips:

  • keep up with brushing maintenance to familiarize your dog with brushing 
  • Have your dog groomed and trimmed before any operation 
  • Cut out matted fur to avoid matting on the skin, irritation, and discomfort. 
  • Get a puppy/dog you can care for (check what maintenance the dog requires before getting it)
  • Get your puppy groomed early; before adult coat has grown in

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