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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

TIP: stop barking

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Tips & Tricks to stop barking & correct bad behavior 

When all the basic training techniques failed to stop the barking… I was surprised this worked…

In all my experience with training dogs…
... I find this devise to be the best.

Not only is it effective again and again…
It is also easily available and very affordable.
Practically, it is extremely easy to use and it's small size means you can easily bring it with you in your pocket.

Unlike many other correcting devises… your dog does not have to wear a bulky devise around his/her neck,
...using it will not disturb people nearby, and it can be used to correct any bad behavior.

...this devise is an extension of you… 

If you hold the can out of sight, your dog will think the sound is coming from you. Like when you say "No".
Your dog will be associating the correction with your command and your praise. That means that when the devise is no longer needed, your dog will continue looking to you for the command, correction, praise, etc…

When stopping bad behavior the handler must snap the dog out of it immediately to let it know that you do not want the behavior to continue… This 'snapping out'- distraction is usually accompanied by a command.

Most correction devises and devises to stop barking distract with a unnatural/ foreign surprise (like a electric shock, sonic sound, etc).
This divise operates in a natural way; playing on the dog's natural instincts.

The distraction is a load 'hiss'… like a snake or aggravated cat. A sound that a dog understands instinclually. The dogs knows this means to stop...

It only take a few times until the dogs understands that the behavior should be avoided.

You can also imitate the sound.. once the dog has herd it a few times, even a softer version of the hiss is a reminder to stop.

So far this devise has worked for me 100% of the time… even on the most stubborn dogs.

Tell us about your experience with barking and correcting behavior at the 

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