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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pet-2-Vet Services

Hollywood Honden Services


Assisting pet parents through difficult times. 
For owners who do not have the time, or need assistance, etc. 

HH: Pet-2-Vet services can help.

HH: Pet-2-Vet Accommodations

-Make the appointment 
-Check-In and/or Check out of appointment
-Pick up from home & bring to appointment and/or Pick-up from vet & bring home
      -We also offer Pet-2-Vet services with Recovery Doggy-Day-Care options.
         … Home care from start to end (or whenever needed). Handling all veterinary tasks, providing 24-hour supervision, affection, &  medical care…  
-Accompany  & provide comfort during appointment.
-Address concerns, questions, & thoughts from owner….
-Taking notes on information, answers & reactions from vet.
Hollywood Honden Services:
Pet-2-Vet & Recovery-Day-Care Services

Additional Options
-Ask questions & investigate all options
-Make decisions  & judgment calls (optional)
-Relay info between vet & owner
-Share summary & thoughts with owner
-Help with Finding the best vet, & options for you & your dog.
-Follow-up by 

-contact for details 


  1. Jasper is OK from the operation. Thanks for helping us,

    1. It's good to hear that he is doing well…. Always happy to help! :)


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