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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Grooming Services

Hollywood Hondentrimmer, Leiden 

I have been grooming dogs for the last 7 years,
I try to make the grooming experience as comfortable as possible for the dog and owner. The dogs are groomed in a comfortable, low stress environment.

Your dog will never be waiting for his turn in a cage. I use minimum restraints and keep the dog as calm as possible. I do not rush through it. If the dog needs a break we take a little walk and begin again. For extreme cases, grooming can be done in two parts on different days. This results in no cuts or scratches and a happy hond.

I only use the best products 
-for your specific dog
Different dogs have different types of fur and skin. I always use the products most appropriate for your specific dog and/or specific condition.

Full Grooming Package

 Recommended for dogs that require……trimming, shaving, thinning, and/or plucking.

Full Grooming Package Includes
Double wash, condition, massage, de-tangle, brush, blow-dry, nails, ears, cut, trim, style, anal glands, l lose hair removal, & thinning (if needed).

Also Available: 
Flea & Tick treatments (long term & short term), Alternative styling, Accessories, Maintenance Packages, Partial Packages, & more.

Time: Approximately 3-4 hours
Special Offer:  First-time Discount

I can walk your dog before the bath and when needed.
 * Ask about In-House grooming (I can groom your dog in your home)
 I can also transport your dog- pick-up and return 

Check out some of the dog's I've groomed

Contact me for info and detials.

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