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Friday, March 8, 2013

Pieare's Status

Dog Day


Pieare, male, Boomer.

Boomer, Pieare
Pieare's Dog Day follow-up. Through the obstacles of a deaf and wounded dog...
Pieare's 'HH Dog-Day' got off to a shaky start, but quickly turned around.
Because he is deaf, I had to use creative techniques to capture his attention and win him over.
During the fitness /walking portion of the 'HH Dog Day', Pieare relaxed and enjoyed the outing and stimulation.
This made the (second part of the HH Dog-Day) Grooming easier.

Pieare was excellent during grooming. I managed to completely avoid making contact with the painful growth on his head.

Despite the obstacles, everything went surprisingly well and we became good friends.

Groom before and after, Pieare: Boomer, male