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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Health Care Dog Services

Hollywood Honden Care 

Services for Dogs with Special Needs  

Healing Dog Service Options
Sometimes life throws us in to situations that turn us upside-down…
…you are always prepared for anything your dog needs, with Hollywood Honden Special Needs Services (HHSNS).

HH Special Needs Dog Services

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  Urgent Dog Care Accommodations are available with little to no notice

When our precious pups are hurting we would do anything to make them well again.

There is no need to pile on the stresses of taking off work to cater to the high demands of these unexpected situations… 

…bringing (or picking up) your dog to the vet appointment
…giving medications/ feeding every 6 hours
…Regularly cleaning wounds and changing bandages as needed
…supervising/ monitoring the status throughout the day and night
…managing the dogs activity… preventing further injury

Hollywood Honden Care always has your back… 
...any time, any day…. 
...helping & assisting pet parents by providing the proper care needed for your dog.

HH Extra Care Services can always step in to provide the care to make sure your dog gets the care it needs

Special Needs Boarding & Day-Care Service

Intensive Dog Care Accommodations with boarding, day-care, overnight, 

    Extra Care-In-home-Dog Care Options

      -pet-sitting in your home (day-care, overnight, extended stay)

      -Dog-Check-In Option: check in on your dog at your home. Once a day or as needed. 

            Coming to your home to briefly tend to your dog. (feed, give medication, etc.)

Caring for dogs with special needs. 

Boarding dogs with: diabetes, arthritis, handicapped, deaf, blind, premature pups, nursing puppies, pregnancy, etc…

Catering to the special needs of each dog and meeting the demands of the sittuation

Caring for illness & poor health (sickly, disease, virus, infection, etc.)
-Providing medication as required
  -by injection
  -pill, liquid, powder, etc. taken orally
  -application of ointment and creams
-Monitoring Status & Progress
  -taking vital measurements (temperature, heart rate, etc)
     -recording vitals
  -checking urine & feces
  -monitoring and/or regulating food and water consumption

non-illness Demands and care (injury)
-Tending to injury
   -cleaning wounds & changing bandages
-Promote Healing and Rehabilitation
  -manage activity to prevent further injury (restrain from too much activity)
  -massage & relaxation
  -basic physical therapy (and water therapy)

Sustaining Health & Wellness (operative, pregnant, newborn, elderly, etc)
-Feeding & Nutrients
  -bottle feeding pups
  -exceptional preparation of food
  -scheduled feeding
   -giving vitamins
  -fitness within limitations
-Pushing stimulation

Special Needs Grooming, Walking, Boarding, Day-Care, Massage, & Training. 

  -adjusting techniques to accommodate the specific special needs of each dog
  -private service options

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