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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hondenhotel: Status Update

Hollywood Hondenhotel, Oegstgeest, Leiden, Leiderdop, Voorschooten, Wassenar, Den Haag+++

Pleasing Pampered Pups and Protective Pet Parents...
Hondenhotel, Leiden. Pleasing Pampered Pups...

Dierenpension Status Update: Beara

   Beara is always a pleasure… 
Regarding her dry, irritated, itchy, skin… with regular skin conditioning treatments I managed to resolve the irritation and prevent it from spreading. 

OVERALL: excellent.

 I always try to gather her things without her noticing to prevent her from rushing me… but she is too smart. In the photo is Beara after she noticed her things (house, toys, etc) being packed away. Having picked up on the routine, she knows she is about to go home… Her escalating tantrum rushes me out the door… 'Princess Beara' does not like to wait :)