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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Honden Selectie Service

Hollywood Honden Selectie Services 

Getting a new dog is not like getting a new TV, or even a cat.
A new dog is taking on a commitment that can last 18 years… Therefore, it should be the perfect pet for you and your lifestyle in the present and foreseeable future. 
Too many people make the decision of a new dog irresponsibly; hence, the overpopulated shelters and hundreds of thousands of dogs suffering from neglect.
With so many dog breeds to choose from, there is the perfect pooch for everyone. Whether rescuing from a shelter, adopting a puppy, purchasing from a breeder or elsewhere, Hollywood Honden Selectie Services will find & present the best dog for you.

What is the perfect Pooch?The perfect pooch differs from person, place, time, environment, situation, etc… The dog you had as a kid may have been great at the time… That does not mean that it is the perfect dog for you today.,
Hondenselectie Services

Defining what works with your life-style
Everyone in the household where the dog will live must be considered.
Alone, married, kids, roommates, etc.
Other pets, future kids, etc…
Environment: City, Suburbs, House, Apartment, backyard, stairs, neighbors, etc.
Availability: Home often, working every day, etc.
Ability & Fitness preference: health condition, runner, jogger, walker, trouble walking, etc.
Owners Status: allergies, elderly, weaker, trouble walking, Affordability, etc.
Activities: travel, swim, beach, parties at the house, crowded house.
Alternate options: dog sitting by friends, or facility.

What are your dog preferences?
Watchdog, Running companion, easily trainable, low maintenance, odorless, doesn’t shed, large, small, gentle, OK with short/ fewer walks, strong, easier to control, less expensive, indoor, outdoor, can walk stairs, great with kids, good to travel, small enough for airline travel in the cabin, low costs, good health, etc.

Fortunately there  enough breeds, allowing  owners to select all the criteria that make up the best dog for them. 
Perfect Pooch Picker

Click here fore More HH: ‘New Dog’ Assistance Services:

Locating & obtaining the perfect dog that meets your preferences.

Researching the dog your are considering getting. 

To help gather information prior to bringing him/her home. (medical & genetic history, behavior history, etc.)

New Dog Work-shop 

to teach you & your family how to care for your specific dog. (Breed maintenance, medical precautions, nutrition, fitness, basics of training & communicating, etc.)

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