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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holiday HondenPension Status Update: Rex, Chloe, Mosely

Hollywood Huisdierenpension: Status Update

New Years Eve with Mosely, Chloe, & Rex 

Everyone did very well with the fireworks….
They did not appear to be scared at all… Midnight was a little tense; however, much better than I had anticipated. 

Huisdierenpension, Leiden

 As you can see in the photo: Mosley was a bit tense, but comfortable to stay outside her house. She was calm and quiet on the chair.

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Rex was the most excited… he only barked at midnight (from being excited, rather than scared).

Chloe barked a tiny bit… (mostly because Rex was excited…). She was comfortable in my arms when the clock struck 12…

OVERALL: New Year's Eve was excellent!

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 Dog Boarding with Dog Training 

 Status Update: Rex

During the boarding period, I have been able to see the obedience issues with Rex. As expected, he only listens when he wants to. He definitely understands what is being asked of his… he simply disobeys the commands.
Being the largest of the three… when it comes to getting attention, affection, or preparing to go for a walk- he pushes the smaller dogs out of the way. Not giving in to this behavior, Rex is always the last to be walked or get affection.
So far, he now knows that in order to go for a walk, he must first sit and wait for the leash, etc. 
With patience, he eventually does what is expected. Nevertheless, we have a lot more to do.

With the holidays behind us, I am going to work with him more intensely (without other dogs around).
Knowing the issues & having a plan, I am confident that I can improve the obedience issues. 
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