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Thursday, January 24, 2013

welcome KOUJA

New Hollywood Hond: Kouja

Welcome to the HH-Pack!!!

Kouja is a 6 year old, Female, Pomeranian-cross.
Hollywood Hond: Kouja
Many thanks to her new, loving parents who rescued Kouja from the shelter.

She has immediately taken to her new parents and life-style… although as most new parents, they should be careful not to spoil her too much…

Kouja is very sweet, good with other dogs, in great health, loves the water, enjoys treats, long walks, and relaxing on the couch. 

She hates being left alone and has a little anxiety. Her anxiety is expressed through heavy breathing that quickly evolves into loud barking.
It was immediately evident that Kouja responds well to Hollywood Honden Training sessions. We will be working on the anxiety, barking, basic commands & boundaries. 

Overall: Kouja is a real pleasure

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